28 March, 2014

The most beautiful car in the world

It's a very strong statement, I mean... Who am I to judge, what am I saying here, do I have the authority to proclaim out there bluntly that this E-type is the best looking car?...Well, I thing it is,... call me nuts. For sure I'm not alone. At least the best looking car that I have ever seen in person, in flesh, no! In steel, rubber, leather, paint and chrome. And I tell you one more think. Never disregard any opportunity to attend any event, don't refuse a little surprise, never underestimate the unknown. I've been deceived. Last Sunday I went to Laragh in county Wicklow to see a classic car meeting hosted by Irish Jaguar Club. It was called "Jaguar Breakfast Run". Like the names says it, it ran early in the morning, like any breakfast...run. Laragh is not quite close to Dublin. OK, it is kinda close, but you still have to drive for some kilometers to get there. One thing changed my mind when I woke up: maybe there's an E-type Jaguar present to this event, who knows? I was thinking I will photograph only XJ's, XKR's, etc. No disrespect what-so-ever for those cars, but they are not really E-Types. And there were... Two of them. A hard top and a soft top. Both in red, with beautiful polished chrome bumpers, spoke wheels and the likes. I had a blast, I had a great time photographing these cars and the rest, cause there were more than just Jags. Two Porsches, two Triumphs and a lot of motorcyclists. Watch the blog, I will post more images.

15 March, 2014

09 March, 2014

Brass Monkey Run 9th March 2014

1926 Ford Model A

Brass Monkey Run took place today 9th March 2014. It was organized by Garden of Ireland Vintage Club on a scenic route in County Wicklow, Ireland. The Run started at The Grove Bar car park near Delgany. We went through Kilcoole, Newcastle, Rathdrum, inteded but unsuccessful coffee stop at Meetings of the Waters, pass by Avoca, successful stop at Woodenbridge Hotel, Arklow, Redcross Vilage, Wiclow, Rathnew and back to The Grove. Me and my partner in crime Paul were invited to join the run and to document it. In the following days we will post more pictures from the nice collection we had a chance to record today. You can also follow updates at Garden of Ireland Vintage Club's Facebook page and Paul's website

1927 Austin 12/4 Clifton Tourer

08 March, 2014

PLEASE - Do Not Touch!

The Annual RIAC Classic Car Show took place in RDS Simonscourt between 1-2 March 2014. I met interesting people there, car owners, club members. Being there both days I took enough pictures to keep me busy for a long time. The challenge of avoiding people and other photographers in the shot was big which is usual at a car show. The final look of an image takes a lot to consider too. I hope I will end up with a nice set in the end.

In the image above, a very "tired" looking 1955 Chevrolet Pickup I Series. It might look odd in the way it sits on the ground, but the air suspension was dropped all the way. Therefore there's no shadow under the car.