07 December, 2010

Tratat de conversaţie anglo-român - vol 3

Why you want one of those brăţalas?
I am very obosită.
Why did you (a)runc the raţa?
My burtica is not hurting.
I eat my cake when I gata my ice-cream.
These shoes are so hurting me.
What animal is this, Sara? Ulp!
I want some iute thing.
I am not gata.
I am the vagonu'.
I am dancing with my rochiţa.
I am washing the vasele.
Albenuş, ulp şi vulfe.
It was piu-ing.
Buni, read me a poveste in romuna.
Sit aici to vezi pe mine what I'm doing.

24 September, 2010

11 September, 2010

Today, I am


...in my own selfish little world, I would've loved to be able to see New York skyline and take a picture or a panorama of this unique place.

...today I can only post a little line drawing, which to my own shame as professional, I can't even reproduce.

24 August, 2010

InfraRed - first attempts

Dalkey01 IR_Dalkey01
I finally made a proper use of my infrared filter. I still think they are not proper IR images, maybe more foliage in the frame would make it better. After many attempts with PS channel sliders, here are the images that are the most successful.

Illustration from the shoebox - Two