26 May, 2010

Another London view

Beautiful location over viewing the center of London, up on Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath.
Clearly I wasn't the only one enjoying the view.

London view

Behind every great location is a great guide to it.

21 May, 2010

Tratat de conversaţie anglo-român - vol 2

 put lipici here;
Daddy, put petrol la car;

It's raining tare;
I only like zeamă;

I need mai mică one;
I want to put capac;

I te iubesc;
Mummy, is vulpe a fox?

I need to wash this seal cu buretele;
Why are you închiding this?;

London - my 3rd coronation

There were places I have missed last time I was in London. And for sure, there are places I will miss this time. One location I couldn't miss is this:
This year trip pivotal place was Greenwich. I've been introduced to the area last year, as a great location for taking photographs but also for meeting a bit of world history. This is the place where east meets west. The world's two geographical hemispheres, 0 hour meridian. On the way to the Royal Observatory we passed by the National Maritime Museum.
I could say more things about what it meant to me to be here, but I will let you enjoy the images without further delays.

12 May, 2010

65 years ago

I ticked a thing on my list. A bit of history. Is it? Is it just history, or there is something else in it? People admire these things, some of them are collectors, historians, admirers, club members, and why not politicians, ordinary people denying or approving what was done. I wont deny I enjoyed my visit to Imperial War Museum. You have to see it. Whoever you are, no matter what your thoughts and prejudices are. Be there. If little things like this can change you even for an afternoon, why would someone feel the need to...hate? Why would someone forget those years? Or what led to it. Especially THAT. I tasted first hand what is written in the (western) history books about Romania's part in the two world wars. I wont hide the surprise I had when I read what's the view over the politicians, military and leaders in that era. It is completely opposite to what I learned in schools. We were thought that we were on the winning side. Hey, but history books are written by the winners, right? Who won, who lost. It seems that these issues still matter today. Maybe I should just leave it. And take pictures. They are history too.
The display is impressive. Tanks, artillery pieces, planes, bombers, trucks and jeeps, even buses, first unmanned planes, rockets and the ultimate of them - the A bomb.