19 September, 2013

The Aviva Wall

I knew about Roger Waters's The Wall Tour for some time now. I missed seeing him and Pink Floyd live in 1994 but this time fortune came down my alley. I'm not a big Floyd fan, but I still wouldn't want to miss the opportunity. Thanks to my friends, we got a pair of tickets to see them live in Bucuresti just in front of Parliament House. The gig policy said no cameras or recording devices. Ha, what about smart phones, you phonies?! Anyway, knowing they will come to Dublin too I planned to be there and record the light show, which is greater if you are at the concert, not outside it. That said, myself and my buddy photographer were last night in pole position to record it. Good dusk light, just a tad chill. Here it is.

09 May, 2013

Glencree, Co.Wicklow

Glencree, Co.Wicklow
A beautiful location, relatively close to home, on the way to Sally Gap. Good weather helps, too.
Glencree, Co. Wicklow

07 April, 2013

Spring (...ish) Sunset

Spring (...) Sunset
Running to catch the sunset up The Gap. Nothing can stop us, not even April snow.

08 March, 2013

Lost and found!

Lost and found!
Ballycorus Leadmines, reminiscence of a lost industry - the lead mining. I finally managed to find the site, thanks to good weather and other favorable circumstances. Great outdoor location, mountain bikers and regular hikers during the day, empty beer cans and other littering during the night.

Rugged edges

Rugged edge
Hard to believe, but this landscape is from Wicklow Mountains, in Ireland. The scale is somehow confusing, but it is steep and sharp. One day I will climb up and show you the view.

23 February, 2013


Last year's autumn came with a beautiful sunrise. The colors display was sensational. It was the first time I saw the UK coast with the naked eye. The photo is taken on 22nd of September.

22 February, 2013

Dalkey, Ireland

A picturesque location equally praised by locals and tourists.

Backdrop provided by this small stretch of land off the main coast.

A small fishing harbor with little activity provided by fisherman getting ready for next day, seagulls and seals.