04 August, 2011

In and out

What you see in foreground is the very cliff being eroded, chunks of the edge slowly letting go and diving into the 200 meters abyss. I mentioned before the "irresponsible crowds", but I also joined the band wagon and went over to see how close you get to the edge. It went OK, not to mention the sun who was more and more part of the picture.

02 August, 2011

...may the Fog be with you...

Doonagore Fog

It's actually immensely challenging to take a shot in foggy conditions. I've never tried that until now, I hope the result meets the expectations. I was hoping for the Atlantic sunset but I got something different in return.

01 August, 2011

The Harp

Atlantic silhouette

Doonagore Castle is a private property in walking distance from Doolin's Fisher Street. I was looking forward to be there before the sunset, but the situation was foggy. I decide to play along and get the most of it. The best part beside the novelty of photographing in fog was the surrounding area was deserted. The only thing "in the way" was my car, which I had to move around the place.