30 July, 2011

The Birthday present

It's settled then...don't expect anything to go as planned. Midday, fog, never ending flocks of tourists, Italians, Spaniards or Americans, some too young, some irresponsible as they were leaning too close to the cliff's edge and all of them in your shot, not saying "excuse me"... A very rugged landscape, you look for the best possible angle, giving the above conditions as you try to get away from the known official trails. No chance for a shot. Above all, you still enjoy it and somehow, grateful for being there in such a colourful setting, on such a short notice, knowing what to expect from the beginning and above all, you try not to complain. And when you least expect it, something amazing happends. You relax a bit, you just let everyone else be...and you take one more look. This photo opportunity was almost handed on a plate. I never expected to see the famous Cliffs of Moher Stack pipping just over the edge of the grass. I have never seen this angle. I know I was looking for a different approach because this place has been photographed a lot. I got my reward...(say 'thank you' and end it!)