24 August, 2010

InfraRed - first attempts

Dalkey01 IR_Dalkey01
I finally made a proper use of my infrared filter. I still think they are not proper IR images, maybe more foliage in the frame would make it better. After many attempts with PS channel sliders, here are the images that are the most successful.

Illustration from the shoebox - Two


15 August, 2010

Illustration from the shoebox - Churches and Cathedrals


Crookhaven, Co. Cork

Almost sunset; we reach the hotspot of the trip: Three Castle Head and the ruins of a remote castle
The Castle ruins
All over the horizon, all you can see are glorious golden shades, deep blue water and cloudless sky. It couldn't get any better than this, maybe being at the location an hour earlier. At the far right, third row, you can see a glimpse of Mizen Head.

Early morning view over Crookhaven peninsula and village.